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Small and Medium Internet Call Center solution

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OfficeServ ACD facilitates the call center managers to efficiently serve the needs of the callers, minimize response time for caller service and call center resource requirements. It also helps manage and control call handling priorities and maximize productivity, value and stability of the call center staff.
  • Agent Application: Agent Application provides an interface to efficiently handle Calls, Email, Chat, VoIP, and Escorted Browsing within the business environment
  • Admin Application: The Admin application authenticates the Administrator to avoid unauthorized access to the configuration data. The information entered through the Admin client is stored in a configuration file on the ACD Server.
  • Monitoring Application: OfficeServ ACD Monitoring helps to view the status of Group, Service, IVR, Queued Time, Campaigned group, Life cycle Port Status etc.
  • Statistics Application: Statistics Application provides an interface to get the statistic information on the OfficeServ ACD efficiently. It gathers the raw records from the log databases of the OfficeServ ACD components and shows organized information in tabular of graphical format.
  • IVR (Integrated Voice Response) Application: IVR provides an auto attendant of customer's call and recoding the conversation between customer and agent.
  • Customer Tracking: Customer Tracking Application helps the agent to view, query or add customer/client details to the database.
System OfficeServ 7200, 7400, 500
PC O/S Windows NT Server W/S 4.0 Windows 2000 series (Professional, Server, Advanced, Server) Windows XP Professional
CPU Min. Pentium Ⅲ 500 MHz
System OfficeServ 7200, 7400, 500
Memory Min. 256MByte
Necessary Application More than TAPI Ver 2.0, OfficeServ Link


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